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Experts in PC and Laptop repairs, servicing, virus removal and web design.

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What do we do?

Bideford Computers is a local, Bideford based company specialising in PC and Laptop repairs and servicing. With over seven years experience in the field of computer repair, our chief engineer Chris is more than capable of solving your computer headaches.

We are experts in hardware and software repairs, virus removal, servicing and website design and development. The best part however, is that unlike most other local businesses, we work on a purely mobile basis.

This means that when your computer, laptop, printer, network or broadband goes wrong, we'll come straight to you to fix it. Better still, we aim to beat the price you would pay in a normal shop, even though you don't have the headache of unplugging your computer, bringing it to us, then having to drive back and plug it in again once it's done. Our service is designed to make it as quick, easy and pain-free for you as possible.

Once your PC is fixed to your satisfaction, we will set everything up working for you in your home or place of work and if you ask us to, we will talk you through exactly what the fault was, as well as give advice on how best to prevent re-occurrences.

The name may well be familiar to you. That's because we used to work from a shop for a period of time in Bideford. After a while we realised that we could offer you, the customer, a better value for money service by coming to you to repair your PC or Laptop rather than you having to come to us. We then closed our shop and began working on a mobile basis.

Call us today for more information on any of our services on 01237 476695. If you're experiencing a problem now and need help, why not check out our repairs page for help and advice concerning specific problems, as well as estimates on what it's likely to cost to fix.

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